Klima Air Handlers


Flex Duct air handlers, from 5000 to 24000 BTU, are solutions for boat builders which were designed to be as small and quiet as possible to create diverse opportunities for onboard installation.

[tab name='Overview'] An increased level of comfort is obtained through reducing noise and vibration.  This quality is achieved through ultra-silent fans with backward curved blades, used in combination with sate of the art motors with maintenance free roller bearings. Aluminium and steel as construction materials have been kept to a minimum, thus virtually eliminating problems resulting from corrosion. Large diameter condensate water discharge pipes have been incorporated together with a simple means of locating the discharge hose. Magnetic 3-way water valves may be fitted onto the manifold or air handler, thus allowing a quick and easy means of positioning the unit. The key advantages of this type of air handler are:

  • 50-60% smaller bulk area than other flex duct competitors
  • 50% less weight
  • Digital panels for increased usability
  • No condensation from body components
  • Choice of vertical or horizontal air outlet
  • Anti-slosh condensate water tray
  • Flexible screw-type hose connections
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