Sea Water Pumps

A large range of centrifugal type, sea water pumps providing longevity, quiet operation and a minimum of maintenance.

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  • HFL seawater pumps are of the centrifugal type, providing longevity, quiet operation and a minimum of maintenance.
  • Motors are ignition protected with build-in thermal overload protection.
  • All pump heads are constructed of high quality, seawater resistant materials.
  • Pump drives may be of the magnetic or directly coupled design. They allow for easy maintenance and service.
  • Hose connections of USA made pumps have standard taper pie thread (NPT), whilst other makes are quipped with BSP thread.
  • Each pump is supplied with hose connectors as per specific application. All pump motors must be earthed.
  • All pumps supplied meet the relevant directives of ABYC, Coastguard regulations or CE marking.
[tab name='Specifications'] Click to enlarge [/tab] [tab name='Installation'] When selecting the correct seawater pump for an application, primary consideration must be given to the BTU capacity of the compressor and the available power supply. All centrifugal pumps must be located below the seawater line and as close to the centre line of the boat as possible. This prevents exposure above the water when the vessel is in heavy seas. The pump must be securely mounted, preferably in a horizontal position with the discharge higher than the intake port.  This helps to prevent air locks that can cause the pump to cease operation and cause premature damage to the components, especially to the compressor of the air conditioner.
When installing a seawater system it should pump in a continuous upward incline form the skin fitting, seawater inlet to the condenser coils on the air conditioner.  Location of the overboard discharge should be close to the water line in order to keep the system as quiet as possible. The whole system should only have one high point, thus eliminating the possibility to trap air and allowing the system to remain self purging.
All installations must be fitted with a seawater strainer and ball valve below the water line. In some specific cases the return water outlet can be combined with the engine or generator exhaust outlet. Always run the seawater system through with fees' water prior to leaving the boat unattended for several weeks.   [/tab] [tab name='Pump Relay'] Seawater pump relay boxes are required when several air conditioners are to be supplied with seawater from one single pump.  Two types of relay boxes are available.  2PRP for two air conditioners with one pump. For 1-6 air conditioners we supply the 2-6PRP relay box for use with a single seawater pump.  Generally we would recommend the use of up to 3 air conditioners with individual pumps.

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